Tight Spot [√]

"Tight in that shirt, Tight in those Pants, Tight in Bed - Get into a Tight Spot with TIGHT™" Yes, the wonderdrug promised a hot body, taut ageless skin and muscles in all the right places. But this perfection came at a price. With the world overrun with gorgeous zombies there is only one hope for survival can Kate find it before they come for her?
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I read this yesterday and I loved it!! I'm going back to vote now since i was so into it I forgot to yeserday!
Wow..This is freaking unique, I am SO reading on. You have an amazing brain to think of something like this c:
Yay, I'm excited for the release! Lol. This story has such a unique plot... It'll be nice to take a break from some of the cliché stories here on Wattpad! ^^
dude where'd you get that cover pic?? if it's any insight into the store that guy somehow manages to be hot and freaky at the same time.
I never thought I'd see the day where zombies would be beautiful :) I wonder why Steph decided to stay loose...?
Oooooh interesting woman lol very nice whoop whoop so its not r rated awww lol kool cant wait maree keep writing xoxo

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