A Penny's Worth of Affection

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rosesarered27 By rosesarered27 Completed
Penelope Inglewood discovers her brother is in love with the betrothed of the most ruthless man in England, The Duke Of Newbridge. She must find a way to save her family from ruin and turn her brother's affections elsewhere.

 When the Duke Of Newbridge decides to confront his rival in love, he finds himself completely intrigued by the small but determined woman. 

Will Penelope be able to keep her heart and her head in the presence of this dangerous, yet intoxicating villain who seeks to punish her brother?

Spectacular cover by forcade.

The absolutely gorgeous banner in the first chapter was made by JulesRocks and mystery_reader.
rbd101512 rbd101512 2 months ago
@Kat_427 i agree...had the exact same thought...bt i guess the author wanted modern time resonability in it...
frenchcat frenchcat 7 months ago
this is a battle between the strong urge to read and the serious need for sleep
kchandok kchandok 9 months ago
Your writing is great. Both the plot and characters seem interesting, too. I'm excited to read this story!
AngelToyosi AngelToyosi a year ago
leemuzix leemuzix a year ago
Feels authentic. It is only the first chapter and I am thrust into a different atmosphere.
Social_Klutz Social_Klutz a year ago
I couldn't agree with you more as I have witnessed and commented on those very similar faults.