My Little Secret

This isn't just another book written by a young girl this is my real life experience as a teen mum at only 15. I had a wonderful boyfriend, loving parents and amazing best friends. My life was complete but everything changed when I looked down at the little plastic stick I was holding in my hands. I began to panic I couldn't breathe tears filled my eyes and by heart was beating so fast I couldn't hear the doorbell. My once perfect life was about to change, I wasn't sure if it was going to be for the best or the worst but in 9 short months I would soon find out
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@lunica321  yeah, 1 sister and 1 brother but both are elder than me , how about you do you have any?? ^_-
@DarkRed1002 yea i was pretty sure your older, but it doesnt matter im just two years older than u. where do you live? country?
@lunica321 Yes we can, we just need to think that it's natural and it's .....uhhh....forget ....I don't know .....hahahaha....:) :D
u knw I alwayz think of being a Mum but always get scared by the pain of giving birth
Omg! I love your story. Its amazing and I respect your life.
Thank you for writing this story I think it's incredible!! XD
This is greeeaat! I dont know how i could cope being pregnant at that age, your so brave! God Bless!

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