My Little Secret

This isn't just another book written by a young girl this is my real life experience as a teen mum at only 15. I had a wonderful boyfriend, loving parents and amazing best friends. My life was complete but everything changed when I looked down at the little plastic stick I was holding in my hands. I began to panic I couldn't breathe tears filled my eyes and by heart was beating so fast I couldn't hear the doorbell. My once perfect life was about to change, I wasn't sure if it was going to be for the best or the worst but in 9 short months I would soon find out
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u knw I alwayz think of being a Mum but always get scared by the pain of giving birth
Omg! I love your story. Its amazing and I respect your life.
Thank you for writing this story I think it's incredible!! XD
You are very strong. I would never make it through that. I have one question though. Does your daughter know about the 'details'?
Can't wait to read more hope you post soon I'm so excited to see how everything goes with. You dad and your school gary and ur date with andy :-)
I think its great that you are writing this book, because it is not ficyion it is true and it shows the real feeling of it because u have experienced it. :)))
don't try to cuss in ur writing unless it's used in dialogue. U have a huge run on, try to end the sentences in punctuation and spell out ur numbers.

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