Brat Girl Meets Bad Boy [PUBLISHED under LIB]

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Sweet_Peach By Sweet_Peach Updated 3 months ago
A'ishah is not your typical spoiled-brat princess. She's mean, she fights a lot, she says whatever she wants but deep inside she's just fragile, she don't want anyone hurting her or any of her loved ones and yes, she do have a heart.

Chad is not the typical bad boy one. He's mean but he's sweet. He's a jerk but he's easily hurt. He's a pain in the ass but he's loyal. He do fight, but he fights for what is right. He fights if it's needed and he fights for the one he loves.

These two teens was brought together by fate, made them happy and tested how far their 'love' for each other can go. Will these two be able to make it through the pain, the tears, the challenges of fate and the non-stop fight? Or will they be forever torn apart?

So let me ask you, how many times will you be able to love someone who's hurting you over and over and over again?

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Completed: November 07,2013
babygirlsekj babygirlsekj 2 months ago
Hmm i prefer na banana boy hmmm mas bet ko UNA mas Feel sya basahin. Tska sana hindi iniba ang Story i mean yung ibang word. Hmm pero sya may are eh hehehe #BuyTheBookBGMBB Worth It ang Pera nyu :) Sobrang GANDA! Thankyou Author :D
Ish_yoon Ish_yoon 3 months ago
Hahahaha...pang ilang ulit ko na ba toh?..siguro 12times na!..
NikKuliitzz NikKuliitzz 4 months ago
Rivera? Hmmmmn. Magugus2han Ko TLaga 2ng Story Na 2. Apelyedo Ng Idol Ko.. Rivera. (Marian Rivera) Apelyedo ang Crush Ko.. Rivera Din.. BONGGA!
NikKuliitzz NikKuliitzz 4 months ago
You Can't Call It LOVE If There's No Pain..

Sagot Ko: I Will Love Him Till My Last Breath. Pain Is Just A WORD.
Shysky16 Shysky16 4 months ago
Honestly, I dont know... Madalas pag nagmamahal tayo nagbubulagbulagan tayo. Pero naniniwala ako na kung talagang "meant to be" kahit anong klaseng sakit pa yan ay kayang maglaho.
AiraaaEhhh AiraaaEhhh 5 months ago
Ako po,sa mobile po ako nagbabasa pero  edited version na po siya