Sir, I Think The Badboy Knows About Us...

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Grace Heath just cant help herself. She knows that having an affair with her hot English Teacher Mr Vincent is wrong, but she just cant seem to be able to stay away from him. No-one knows about the affair and things between them are perfect. 

Then, her Aunty Daisy arrives back into town, with her  delinquent step-son, Cole Harlem. They have no where to live, so Grace's mum offers for them to stay with her and Grace. As soon as she meets Cole, her life begins to turn upside down. 

Grace suddenly has a lot of work to do, which involves trying to stay out of trouble even though Cole seems determined to get her into it and keeping her affair with Mr Vincent a secret. 

But when not all goes to plan, what will happen once the Badboy knows her secret?

hmm.. sounds like what an average girl say when she's about to get her period..
I just laughed really hard and everyone started giving me awkward glares
Dang I've heard of key your car but Someone's throat!! Man...
Okay can I just say I already love this character. Most teen fic books on watt pad, the girl main character is like "I never wear make up . I just wake up and brush 20 inches long blonde mane and am ready to face the day." So thank you, author for something different AND RELATABLE.
Hahahaa I call my mom by her first name too and she gets sooo irritated lmao