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No one crosses the fence. No matter what. No one wants to see the ghosts of the Big House. The scary ghosts that wear gowns and frilly shirts in the bright sunshine. The one's who walk around with parasoles and pet dogs at their feet. The Lady with dramatic curls in her hair and several women following her where ever she moved. And the Lord. With his horses and his men... No one crosses the Fence 

Eve and her little sister Kelly go to one of the biggest parties of the whole year. But as Eve - a social queen - goes round partying, Kelly - the more quiet, nerdy one, partys even more!  The highschool King, Sean takes an interest in Eve and makes his move in a game of Spin the Bottle. But what Eve doesn't know is when she chooses Truth or Dare she is also choosing the two different ways her life could change forever.sean dares her to fross the fence and run up and touch the Big House. But will Eve accept?
vampires + historical fiction + romance + drama = me in love :D
Vampires= T_T
Historical Fiction= :D
Vampires+Historical Fiction= *3*

Nuff said.
Totally going to be an epic story ^__^
Can't wait to read the rest
Voted!! :)
Historical fiction isn't on of my favorite reads but vampires are. I like how you have included enough information for the reader to get the story and I like the detail you have added.
Really great first chapter! It's unique and interesting, seems like it could become a really great story! Voted! :D
I really like and mostly history stuff are becoming evil! I love it!! Voted!