Canada Speaks Up!

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selcouthghost By selcouthghost Updated 3 years ago
Canada is having a bad day and finally speaks up for himself.
eringaumond eringaumond 11 months ago
*facepalms* whatever are we going to do with u alfred? and go Canada! next stop world domination!
Nerdyowl512 Nerdyowl512 2 years ago
XD seriously america "Hey Bro! When did you get here?" *smacks with frying pan
ChalisaPhoomsakha ChalisaPhoomsakha 2 years ago
:O I so that one vid but Canada called himself Joe! and said he was Canadian instead of canadia...but that's true either way.
NY_Hungary NY_Hungary 3 years ago
Too bad I'm America, I mean, I ALWAYS notice Canada! Our Canada never speaks up!
BookBird1497 BookBird1497 3 years ago
LOL I'm glad Canada finally spoke up for himself. :D Canada's my favoritest character EVER!!
AkyraKoizumi AkyraKoizumi 3 years ago
YAAAAY! I knew he always had it in him! Go for my brother in law (sorry I like my men loud and obnoxious hint hint; hamburgers)