In Love With My Daddys Brother

Have you ever thought of how it will feel to fall in love with a family member? But im not talking about family love, im saying full blow, soulmate love. What would happen when Allison, a 15-year-old girl, falls in love with not her cousin, nor her brother, but her 17- year old uncle? Will they make it or will their family oposition separate them? Read on to know what happens with this blood-related couple. © 2012 Shaden Aguirre. All rights reserved.
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Dont worry yourself, u r writing good. Atleast i m happy you didnt write "bare with me" like a few big shots :)
Um I just have to say before even getting started reading the book the title is called in love with my daddy's brother wouldn't that be her uncle
This is a good book voted, could you read this book though? You wont regret
I saw the title and put this off long enough i have to read this! 
And as i knew i would be im  hooked
Omg i love this story and ive just caught on brian isnt her uncle so they can b together wohooooo
@shaden_loves_ya love the story!!! It's amazing so far!! - and I can't c the pic :/

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