Roman High's Stars

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Kyeire By Kyeire Updated a month ago
Abused for half her life by her dad, Billy Palmer goes to live with her stepdad, who happens to coach the six stars of the Roman High School's football team. Here's a story of High school jocks whose best friends are each other, and the many complications in their lives.[WARNING: Heavy cursing]
Alaeryel Alaeryel 4 months ago
Definitely brought tears to my eyes and I can really sympathize with her lack of trust and fear of letting your guard down.  Yes it is a great start to the story and caught my attention perfectly!!
AuRevoirSimone AuRevoirSimone 2 years ago
I read this yesterday, but I thought I'd come back and comment since you were so nice to comment on mine :) 

Phil really does sound hot, I hope this isn't too good to be true for Billy! (Love her name, btw. My old childminder called her daughter, Billy!)
megqueenz megqueenz 3 years ago
Yea! Then we're officially friends! =)
Yeah, I noticed most of your strories are paranormal or fantasy. Of course, I think it's non-fiction, but eh-- whatever the non-believers think. ; )
megqueenz megqueenz 3 years ago
Good start so far! =) 
I love the idea of this story, but I've never actually read one with this type of plot. I guess since you're my friend (at least, I think of you as a friend) I figured I'd try it. And I like it! =D
captiveteee captiveteee 3 years ago
I know but can't wait to read it!!!! Don't care ifthey are mad or not, I just want the chapter up! Lol  : P
captiveteee captiveteee 3 years ago
I feel like I'm getting punished for something I didn't do!! LOL I did vote!!!!   Aww please?? ; )