Gang Land

"Would you believe me if I said I'm sorry?" This is what Skylar hears everytime her boyfriend Marcus hits her. His gang rules the town. She lives with her brother Trenton, who is also in the gang. Trenton doesn't know, and if he did, he'd sure beat the living hell out of Marcus. She can't tell anyone. The only person able to break through her wall is Riley. He too is in a gang. Surrounded by badass guys, Skylar learns a few things. One of them being how to fight back.
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omg so marcus likes to slap people now huh well I will slap him for hittin people and hit her for not fitting back
@DreamfulSummer there's a lot of good guys and there's a lot of guy like that all abusive and angry for no reason
She really shouldn't have forgave him, but it happens when you really love someone.
you are awsome at writeing 
oh i was also wondering when the sequel to taken is coming
@Lizzythebrit ummm gets his what? haha but i think i get the point.. He's a douche and we all want him gone. Anyways, this is fantastic :D xx
why does in the prolouge it says marcus beats her, but he seems so sweet and like a good boyfriend?!

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