Sweet & Short

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Short teen fiction romance stories.
emma_bavila_love emma_bavila_love 2 years ago
This is totally a good book and I love this book I think this is my favorite book.
BookBird210 BookBird210 2 years ago
@ChocciiBooksx lol thanks :) But both stories are really good :)
WorldsareWords WorldsareWords 2 years ago
Hi I love this book! 
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meeblings meeblings 2 years ago
Man he was so funny: yeah she was so hot she turned me straight! Pre snap rog snap oga snap tive
writingforfuuun writingforfuuun 3 years ago
I read both of your stories & I LOVED IT! It's not one of those typical cliche love stories, and I loved the characters. I actually did the snapping that Miles did in the story. LOL! Your stories have a voice and the character development is phenomenal.