Just Roommates

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Alison Moore has just started her senior year and everything seems perfect. She has her best friend Jewel and her amazing boyfriend Nick by her side. She and her family moved from Australia to LA in grade 8 after the... 'incident' with her awful cousin Rosie and now life seems perfect. But all this is about to change. She finds herself friendless and alone and it seems like even her parents don't want her around anymore. 

Ian Hecox lives in Sacramento with his best friend Anthony, making YouTube videos for a living. But Anthony has a girlfriend and Ian feels like the third wheel. So when the opportunity arises, Ian makes a decision that, unbeknownst to him, will change his life. 

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Zara572 Zara572 6 months ago
Lol yeah same here but it doesn't mean you're not unhealthy in the inside.
Smosher_Dawson Smosher_Dawson 7 months ago
Remember that time a few months ago I reread this? I'm baaaAAckkk!! ;)
Wren_Luvs_Ninjago Wren_Luvs_Ninjago 9 months ago
I do that to. My dad calls it How-do-you-stuff-your-face-so-much-and-still-be-skinny syndrome
Smosher_Dawson Smosher_Dawson 11 months ago
Rereading this for like the fifth time because it's just so good. I really do believe this story is my favorite smosh fic :)
FallenRealm FallenRealm 2 years ago
This is my second time reading this because I was cleaning out my reading list and I saw it and decided I had nothing better to do. Seriously though, I think it got better! But I still don't like Nick.
MiniBuscus MiniBuscus 2 years ago
I can't imagine jewel any other way ever since you said she was hiding in the closer: super skinny can see all of bones looks the dobby the house elf and had the dullest blonde hair ever,