Evildoer Assassins

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Kira Gasai Madarame aka Devillish Evildoer is an infamous Assassin all over the world but now, she was suspended on doing her missions and was forced to go home in Philippines to live a normal life and to continue her studies. In that very moment, she changed. She's already having an emotions that she didn't had before. In her journey, the scars of the past would be open again revealing the truth of the case when she was only a child. The reason why she became an, Evildoer Assassin.

Will she ever get back to being an Assassin? If she did, what about the people she left behind? Agony, pain, rampage and many more. Will she ever fight for her desire?

"I love you but I should kill you."

Assassin|Gangster|Romance|Action|Mystery/Thriller|Sideline Story of Daredevil Gangsters|
superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gandaaaaaaaaa.....kahit prolonged lng.....
SUUUPEEEERRR CCCRREEEAAATTTIIIIVVVE nman ng Author . . She Deserve all of this :D
gus2ng-gus2 q ung trailer lalo n ung song,nuh puh tittle nun ??
Shems! isa rin sa favorite Jpop singer ko si Yui Yoshioka!!! I love her song like "feel my soul" at yung "goodbye days niya" XD
ang pangalan ng ibang cast ay nasa gokusen na movie! diba author? :)
Hey! Thanks for the dedication! Btw.Ganda ng prologue! Ok LNG sya :-)                                               Love yah!