One Night Stand...With My Teacher

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well not so much for Drake. He meets this girl, Mindy by accident, next thing you know after an hour they're in his hotel room having hot steamy sex. She's 17 and he's 21 its not right but after that night things will never be the same. What happens when winter break is over and he's a teacher going to his new school and finds his one night stand. Do they ignore it, or is it too hard to?
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i thought that they didn't know each other??? how the hell did they know each other's names????
she has very low expectations if u can have sex with a random guy in Vegas cause for all she knew he could have drugged her drink and kidnap her
There is no way in hell that u just meet somebody,have sex with them and never talk unrealistic but interesting:\
You shouldn't of made her a virgin. Like who wants to loose their v card to a stranger? ....... Willingly at that.
Like many people how did he know her name? and if I read this too fast did she know his name?
This whole thing was going way too fast.. What idiot woul kiss a random stranger and get in bed with him 19 minutes after they met??? O.o

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