One Night Stand...With My Teacher

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_Tink19er97bell By _Tink19er97bell Updated 6 months ago
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well not so much for Drake. He meets this girl, Mindy by accident, next thing you know after an hour they're in his hotel room having hot steamy sex. She's 17 and he's 21 its not right but after that night things will never be the same. What happens when winter break is over and he's a teacher going to his new school and finds his one night stand. Do they ignore it, or is it too hard to?
watch-anime123 watch-anime123 2 months ago
Why don't you tell him where you live so you two can have a tea party together? -_-"
hollagurl24 hollagurl24 3 months ago
how do they know each other's names when they didnt introduce themselves?
hollagurl24 hollagurl24 3 months ago
wait weren't they just in a bar? how did they get in a hotel?
hollagurl24 hollagurl24 3 months ago
wait. how did he know her name when they didn't mention anything about her giving it to him? in that case "run forest, run"
BinaDennis BinaDennis 3 months ago
People around are probs staring and they're just like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You guys MABEY he knows her name cause that is probably her teacher DUHH