The Way He's Not

Bad boys are unreliable, uncaring, arrogant, immature, disrespectful players with no care for laws, rules, guidelines or girls’ feelings, according to Jacey Collins. Good girls are condescending, conceited, stuck-up, vain b*****s who stay inside the boundaries and don’t know how to live life, according to Colton Shaw. So what happens when you put Jacey Collins, a good girl, with Colton Shaw, a bad boy in the same house for a year? Parties, alcohol, secret relationships, betrayal, fights, heart break, break-ups, hook-ups, one-night-stands, pain, tears, anger, revenge-seeking-enemies, and I'm only getting started.
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HIS attitude? Honey, you really need to check yourself before you start judging others.
ummm honey that is representative or a govner not your daddy and stop being so judgemental no one likes you no wonder why you have no friends
ohhh whooo ohhh im about to rip off her fingernails and use them has  my fake nails
loooolyou just had a fvcking attitude for the past idk chapter hypocrite much???
my dad would have said dont talk to me like that and my mumum lets just say i wouldnt be typing this right now
Love the description of the blue eyes. There are so many out there but none say fierce. <3

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