The Demon // [Harry Styles AU]

'Dear Diary, yesterday I spoke with the demon. Today I fell in love with him. Tomorrow he will kill me' A twisted fairytale about a girl, fighting for her last bit of reality.
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I just found this story at the bottom of another story as a recommendation and I can't wait to read it. it looks really good and so does the cover :)
It was 12 midnight here and i saw your cover and i was like "What the fck? i nearly pissed myself omg
can i tell you that the cover made me jump to my bed. i was on the floor and i saw that now im on my bed.
it means Alternate Universe which means the opposite so when 1D fanfictions have AU means they are bad guys since they are nice now.
Dear Diary,

I was on Wattpad
I saw this fanfiction
And I nearly shit myself when I saw the cover

currently two am;

saw your cover
nearly pissed myself
and screamed
on the top of my lungs

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