Demon // [Harry Styles AU]

'Dear Diary, yesterday I spoke with the demon. Today I fell in love with him. Tomorrow he will kill me' A twisted fairytale about a girl, fighting for her last bit of reality.
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I adore paranormal stories. They're so evocative. 
Ps- The prologue was amazing :)
i have always loved demon fics idek why but its hard to find good ones so I CANT WAIT TO READ THIS
The eye and the I the only one scared? I soooo want to read this!
I just found this story at the bottom of another story as a recommendation and I can't wait to read it. it looks really good and so does the cover :)
It was 12 midnight here and i saw your cover and i was like "What the fck? i nearly pissed myself omg
can i tell you that the cover made me jump to my bed. i was on the floor and i saw that now im on my bed.

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