How to Kill a Jedi or Sith

This is a guild on how to kill a Jedi or a Sith! Has a Jedi or Sith wronged you? Take revenge! Read this guild on how to do it. By reading this you agree that you will not hold me reliable if you are injured or killed while attempting to cause harm to a Force User in anyway. (I do not own star wars, the ideas or thoughts in this work, or the cover art in anyway.) Foot note: Star Wars is NOT real. There is not such things as Jedi or Sith.
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Go Mando, vibro-blade. Once you have that di'kut in front of you, drop your arm and send it into his neck.
Also, trying to use a rocket is pointless the rocket's a distraction, because they'll just change the trajectory, possibly towards you.)
All of it so far is good, except one thing. If you try sniping a Jedi, he'll sense you before the trigger, even if you're sending out different emotions.
Thank you so much, I've been running into some pesky Sith lately...I'm sure this will wrk fine. *brings sniper riffle, rocket launcher, and energy shield.*
Ahahaha this is great! Well done, this guide will come in handy in my day-to-day life. Love it.
You see, as a Force user who's angered quite a few people, I had to know how they might try to kill me so I can 8e prepared.@ThePhilosophist hi there

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