Innocence and the Outlaw

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Nicole Sturgill By Nicole Sturgill Completed
Wyoming Territory 1884

Leah lived a sheltered and comfortable life. It changes the night she goes against her family’s wishes and runs away to marry her beau. Attacked by a band of outlaws, her beau apparently murdered, Leah is thrust into the fear of the unknown with men who seem pure evil.

Confusion accompanies the explainable passion she feels toward the tall Indian who is holding her prisoner and yet keeping her safe inside this camp of outlaws?

Chase Caldwell was raised a man who took what he wanted to survive without guilt. He had never thought anything could change that until Leah came tumbling into his life and made him question the way he was living. 

A love unlike any other but it seems impossible. Will peace ever find these young lovers or will Leah’s family or Chase’s outlaw past and Indian blood keep them forever apart?
I love the McEllis Boys! My mom bought the book online & I am able to read it more than once -I have already done that & I'm still in love with the book-
Ooow I'm guess everything will prove the lass wrong , good job love the book ;) .
Something tells me things are about to get less than perfect
it would be better if she had kicked him in the leg rather than punched him in the leg.
Iv read this book three times and each time its a thrill to read. You have lovely writting skills.
@conleyswifey this was awesome read it twice already, thank you for a great read