Short Stories and (cough) Poems

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Rae By RaeKitano Updated 4 months ago
A collection of short and short-long stories I've written that I'm too lazy to make covers for so I'm going to dump them all here.
    And a poem or two (that will quiet likely completely s*ck)
    And also most likely all my stories will be manxman (sorry - non LGBT readers)
Real nice. Loved how those two little steps were so hard to take and would determine everything.
Two steps forward but everytime you take them They pull you back against your will
                                    Anything can be a poem, Mama.
                                    I remeber reading a poem in Advanced Writing Skills about the author apologizing to his wife for eating the last plum in the refridgerator.
                                    Anything can be a poem.
Ahh, how can you say poetry is not your forte?
                                    This is definiately one of the the better poems I have ever read.
                                    I love this so much<3<3
Perfect! This was excellent. This had me rolling. :-)
                                    ... Wait was this the first one?