Cheek to Cheek

Kat Rivers doesn't want anything to do with Jake Marks, just his dreamy best friend Jack Shubbington. Yet, Jake won't have it; he'll do ANYTHING to get her attention... including slapping her butt when she's not looking. She won't have it, though... which leads to the ultimate butt-slapping war between guys and girls. As tensions rise between best friends and old loves, what will become of Kat and this newfound admirer of hers?
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I am in love with this already! Can you please read mine? It's called Fear of Death
please..please..please..please..please..please..please..please..please..please..please..please..upleade again i really really like this book ;)
oooooooo! I knew I liked Jake for a reason! HE READS MAXIMUM RIDE! But hey! I love me some romance, not just some A LOT of romance! XD
wow, cliffhanger much? Awesome writing though, can't wait for the next chapter!! :)
MMM-hmm well now I now that I like "Jake" better than Jack because Jack can't even remember her name!
Haha! I like this, a lot. It kept my attention the whole time.To be honest what first made me curious was your username then the title haha. Great chapter xD

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