Twisted Fate (3)

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Soul mates are suppose to be that one person you can't live without, that one person that warms your very soul. The person who loves you unconditionally, but what happens when your soul mate is the person you're suppose to hate. Hunters and werewolves do not mix, so why are they destined to be in love? Cover by xoxocat
greeklychic2 greeklychic2 3 months ago
As much as I love my phone now flip phones are still the best for dramatic hang ups
Jaygirl1503 Jaygirl1503 9 months ago
Read chapter one of my new story THE NEW GIRL by Jasmine N. Powell
Hope you enjoy
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livelifelovemore livelifelovemore 10 months ago
So is this the third book in your series? That has to do with reece??
edenroseeden edenroseeden 10 months ago
@MaddiiMeow this actually is third. first is "shes back", 2nd is "first born".
MaddiiMeow MaddiiMeow 10 months ago
Is there another part to this storey? I don't understand the first part?
RuinedRealityGirls RuinedRealityGirls 11 months ago
I always vote on any book I read when I finish a chapter. It's like a thanks for keeping me entertained lol