The Deathly Stratagem v2.0 (editing?)

A race against time to save the world. A lone woman holding the clue that can either save it or cause it to fall into controlled chaos And a group of professional killers hunting her. Will she last long enough to escape from her opponents Deathly Stratagems?
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Now I'm regretting! Bakit ngayon ko lang nabasa itow? Nosebleed ako niyo paniguradi
Nosebleed but anyways this story is interesting and little bit strange even I can't understand some words -_____- Lalim eh kinuha ata sa ilalim ng lupa
Prologue palang nagkaka goosebumps na ko. I'm impressed , :) i wonder ano yung file na nasa computer hmm. -_-
@kewlblue_element often than not, yeah, you're right... But let's give them something that could make their minds wander...
@LDCrichton hello there, i just read your critic and all i can say is that, you're awesome! i like the way how you critic, its not offending anyone. =)
nice prologue, interesting =)

but it looked to me like a chapter 1. haha. but it's fine. it still looks cool

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