Not Your Average Teen Pregnancy [COMPLETED]

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sellaturcica By sellaturcica Updated a year ago
DISCLAIMER: I WROTE THIS A LONG TIME AGO, IT'S NOT VERY GOOD. DON'T READ IT. Ellie McLane is staying with the Carter's, her next door neighbors with five children--all super hawt boys. Derek Carter, the Carter boy her age, drags her to a party the day before school starts. She ends up getting raped by a Player (Sam) who's also a senior. One month later, Ellie gets in a car accident, and finds out she's pregnant. This isn't your average teen pregnancy story.
SemyaNdHarryforeva SemyaNdHarryforeva 22 days ago
this sounds amazing so I'm being punk rock ✊ and reading it
JessiocaMarie JessiocaMarie a month ago
I'm such a rebel ima read and brag about to everyone! seriously though never doubt your work I'm positive you're being too hard on yourself!
AutumnC101 AutumnC101 4 months ago
Gosh people the writer said not to read the book and it's just little mistakes it's not gonna kill anybody or give you cancer if she makes a couple mistakes
Tay-Tay326 Tay-Tay326 5 months ago
I'm not seeing the problem ohhh wait I just got something ohh ( that sentence was genuine I was writing and then it hit me)
1energyjuice_5pizzas 1energyjuice_5pizzas 5 months ago
OMG it's amazing so far :D follow me? Me and my friend zoe_colour are writing a book can't wait too publish it 
But ur book will be better :) xxxx
OTPsolangelo OTPsolangelo 5 months ago
I really love this story. I read it the first time and loved it so occasionally I reread it