Renee Griffin is gorgeous, loveable, undeniably popular, and has an uncanny ability of getting everything she wants. She is a cunning seductress, a loving daughter, a prima donna socialite, and a cold-blooded murderer. This is not a story for the faint hearted. This is the story of a 21st Century psychopath.

"'You’ve killed,' he breathed. His eyes had grown big, so big that they barely fit his face anymore. He didn’t resemble Nathan at all. He was pathetic, and cowardly, and weak.

'I have.' Silence and darkness threatened to crush us both, the sound of his uneven breathing piercing through my eardrums. I didn’t bother hiding anything in my demeanour – it was a relief to let the darkness out, to let it slip out of every pore and every cell.

He was going to die.

His next words were quiet, so quiet, that it could have been drowned out with the faint sound of cheers coming from the stadium.
'You’re a monster.'"
Poppy is a flower. People calls me flower and my name is renee. I feel so related to this character.
she must have vamp bloLionel Ljubljana e me I don't like to sleep
with sugar and lollipops

oh...u mean in a BLOODY thank u...

He is a demon in Supernatural..


Is she okay? 

*pats her arm awkwardly*

You want to take a quick walk to the local asylum..?
I am waiting for the guy that will barge into your life and change you for the better.