The Good Girl And Her Gangster Lover

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Haz3lmarie By Haz3lmarie Updated 8 months ago
Ramiya Vasquez is a seventeen year old on her way to college, that is if she can make up her mind on which one to go to. She also happens to live in the ghetto. Did I mention she is also a lesbian who is out to everyone, but her parents? You also have Jocelyn your residential badass who is the leader of the Latin Kings gang. Jocelyn is set on making Ramiya hers, but she dosen't plan on going down without a fight. Along the way Ramiya, and Jocelyn will have to deal with difficult things being thrown at them from betrayal to success. Will these two really make it into their own, or will they succumb to the pitfalls life throws at them?
fijiparis fijiparis a year ago
he just called her a bitch.  An she didnt do nun about. ? lol.
IinnjieeRain09 IinnjieeRain09 2 years ago
is ramiya the girl on your book cover and can you please post the pictures of your cast? xD or just a reference
K_Dawson K_Dawson 2 years ago
I absolutely positively 106% LOVE this book!!! Keep updating.<3