The Mysterious Hero

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Branda By Branda Updated 3 years ago
During the day she's shy, quiet, and reserved. But during the night she's beautiful, confident, and a secret kick-ass hero. She's Lila Tyler.  From capturing criminals to saving lives, it's kind of hard to keep up, especially when you're just a high school student. But somehow Lila manages it. How can one girl save the day all by herself? There's an extraordinary quality about Lila. She has special senses and no one knows about it, except for her older brother. Instead of using her powers for her own entertainment, Lila uses them for honorable deeds. Kicking the bad guys butts at crime scenes is very brave, but what happens when someone is after Lila? And what happens when a certain cocky jerk finds out her secret? Join Lila on her perilous journey to find out who is after her and if Lila is able to find love in between all the chaos.
It seems like you greedily took the pizza away from Tiff. Doesn't that somehow make you a pig?
Lol most people think people with glasses are ugly

But i think it really fits their personality.
I look this story so far and Emily and Eric are like me and my sister
I really enjoyed your story. Thank you for an awesome trek into your imagination. :)
If it was possible for me to go into the book and slap him, I would. But as it is, I guess I'll have to settle for calling him a sexist pig.
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There. I feel better already.
I used to wear glasses, but I got contacts now. Best decision of my life.