Just Another Love Story. (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Clary Milligan is not your average 19 year old. She lives in fear of her two brothers everyday and is hated by her parents. One day she finally has enough and runs out on her Mothers gallery opening. Leaving behind everything she ever owned and known. But what happens when a stranger helps her out and gives her a place to stay. what if that person just happend to be part of the Europes biggest boyband One Direction?
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i don't like it what were you thinking that t would like it i don't like it !!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
I just started reading it so I'll be commenting I really love the story tho .xx :)
You like the Mortal Instruments . . . . . .which means that I automatically love you. :) xx (no homo) lol Anyway, this is so amazing!!!
hey im new can someone tell me how to do chapters i cant figure it out 
thanx by the way i love this story
By the way :)
Clarissa: Is her name off City of mortal instruments?
Just wondering. I've been reading them recently;)

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