Love is a battlefield (sequel to SCUAH) a hetalia fanfic

(sequel to SCUAH) (WARNING: snapped!Canada) it's been twenty five years since Vash disappeared without a trace, and Stephanie Zwingli is always curious about her father's whereabouts. At the dawn of world war three, she doesn't have much time to think as she's dragged by her best friend to fight for the American troops. What she doesn't know is that joining the army would eventually save her family. I don't own Hetalia or its characters. I own the plot and the OCs
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Recent Comments one slaps Canada...Roma if you're reading this someones probly gonna die XD
Im sooo crushed y canada y  u were so sweet an nice! Im completely devestated now but must continue reading
@sequinsandglitter lol ok!! I dont mind i completely understand! XD and yay thanks!!!!  :D

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