Pain (Rin Okumura x reader)

Rin Okumura x reader! You lived a happy life as normal rich people did. But everyone turned on you. Escaping the hell you were imprisoned in with the help of a boy who had glasses and enough moles for one person, you found a door that led to a whole different country! Japan to be more exact. There you met a boy with blue eyes, spiky hair, and...a tail? What will happen between the two of you?
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Nice story so far!
And yes, police stations have waiting rooms AND front desks.  My dad took me to one when his super expensive camera and laptop got stolen.
please update this is so good
and why did you end the chapter like this what is going to happen
His full name is Renzou Shima, so Renzou is his first name

oh know Shiemi back off I'm really selfish and the character is just like me........PLEASE CONTINUE!!!
Oh no!!!!!!!! Shiemi I back off!!!! Jk. I love it!!!!!!! Write more!!!!!!!!!! I will follow and vote, cause I do that with every fanfic I read. :)

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