Pain (Rin Okumura x reader)

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Hibari_chan By Hibari_chan Updated a year ago
Rin Okumura x reader! You lived a happy life as normal rich people did. But everyone turned on you. Escaping the hell you were imprisoned in with the help of a boy who had glasses and enough moles for one person, you found a door that led to a whole different country! Japan to be more exact. There you met a boy with blue eyes, spiky hair, and...a tail? What will happen between the two of you?
Well I did those rules too. But somehow I still get hurt like, today I break up with my BFF T_T
OMFG I SWEAR TO GOD ON MY LIFE I SAW "Sorry for making out with you _____,"
OMFG that just made me depressed but you did an amazeballs job
YUKIO AND SHIEMI WOULD BE SO CUTE TOGETHER!! (And I'm not saying that because I want Rin all to myself or anything *nervous laugh*)
It's so hard to picture their voices,I watched the sub because I didn't like the dub as much. Rin's voice sucked! So this is very hard