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SleeplessInChicago By SleeplessInChicago Updated 7 months ago
This story will test your belief and will take you into a world of the unknown. A world of evil and strange, but you must believe in order to come out sane. Or you may choose to not believe in which case you might come out INSANE.................
PeachyGills PeachyGills 2 years ago
@SleeplessInChicago Haha it's great! you write realy awesome! Voted!
PeachyGills PeachyGills 2 years ago
Hahaha she's insane! It's really funny, will be reading more :)
JepDenoso JepDenoso 2 years ago
What a heart-pounding first chapter. I can't wait to read the rest!
KassandraLuckeroth KassandraLuckeroth 3 years ago
Hi your book 5 in playing for keeps says it's no longer available.  Please posted again.
quint_essential quint_essential 3 years ago
>.> That eyeball is definitely creeping me out. Can't wait to read more of this.
BaddestDame BaddestDame 3 years ago
husband pala nia... LOL... bUT TINRY KO na ako ang mgaing sa sitwasyon nia... hard pla...