This story will test your belief and will take you into a world of the unknown. A world of evil and strange, but you must believe in order to come out sane. Or you may choose to not believe in which case you might come out INSANE.................
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Hi your book 5 in playing for keeps says it's no longer available.  Please posted again.
>.> That eyeball is definitely creeping me out. Can't wait to read more of this.
husband pala nia... LOL... bUT TINRY KO na ako ang mgaing sa sitwasyon nia... hard pla...
*As you go into the third chapter. I meant. Not the second. There are the same problems there too.
great beginning... i was on the edge of my seat for some parts too =)
seriously, i fell off once (or twice)
LMAO. Ha ahah. Thats so funny. I thought it was.something scary. Lol! This story is great so far!

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