I'm an Alpha too (On Hold)

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_booklover0927 By _booklover0927 Updated 6 months ago
He thinks I am going to cry on my knees like a fool. He is too cocky for his own good. That's my mate for you, but he doesn't know something. I am an alpha too, and his wolf will submit to ME. I am going to make him submit until he gives into the bond. He doesn't think it, but he belongs to me.
Tiaria_chuur Tiaria_chuur 16 days ago
Almost everyone pronounces my name wrong and I hate it with a passiom
TEAMLEOBadboySupreme TEAMLEOBadboySupreme 2 months ago
Lmao. You stupid boy. Laughs even more.  Let me answer for you Korin.  "I accept this rejection."
TEAMLEOBadboySupreme TEAMLEOBadboySupreme 2 months ago
The pronounce of her name is my friends name. Also Karin. :) I'm so random. Come up with sonthing way out of topic.
annalani1 annalani1 2 months ago
well my name is Kayla and a lot of people just get my name wrong or there mistake me for another person... seriously my name isn't Karly or Kaila or even Leila
ImaginatorDragonator ImaginatorDragonator 2 months ago
my name is nya and people mispronounce it all the time. its not nia, or naya,its nya
gou_matsuoka gou_matsuoka 5 months ago
so if she is The ALPHA. then her mate will be the luna xD or Luno.. ok no..