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He thinks I am going to cry on my knees like a fool. He is too cocky for his own good. That's my mate for you, but he doesn't know something. I am an alpha too, and his wolf will submit to ME. I am going to make him submit until he gives into the bond. He doesn't think it, but he belongs to me.
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Me after reading: (evil eyes and evil laugh) He is so going to get it as even HER WOLF hate him!
@kait_rose most alphas don't like it when their kids reject their mates so I think that's why he is going along with it
Finally not some stick thin girl with no backbone. I praise u author of this book.  POWER TO THE THICK GIRLS!!
A little girl I babysit sometimes, her name is Korin. Good thing I have an easy name like Alexis
my names spelled ciara but its pronounced like kiera. so i just go with watever too
im a girl and my name is tyler but people always call me taylor then when i tell them my real name they say its a boy name

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