My Mate has a Child and it's not mine

Chloe Moon has always been the good girl of the family. Having spectacular grades, a loving family, the looks, popularity, two older brothers and a father that are over protective, and a wonderful boyfriend. Oh, and she happens to be a werewolf whose father is alpha of the Moon Shine Pack. But that all changes on that one night. After that, she winds up pregnant, heartbroken, without a boyfriend, and starts to become the quiet person who never talks with anyone. Will Johnson is the alpha of the Fire Side Pack. The pack that is one of the strongest in the world, along with the Moon Shine Pack. He is charming, handsome, popular, and a huge player. He says that he doesn't want a mate, but on the inside is dying to meet his. At a council meeting, Will winds up meeting Chloe who is with her father. When he sees her, he know that she is his mate, but when he looks closer, he also sees that she is pregnant. Angry and confused, he sets out to get to know Chloe and wondering who is the father , he wants to be the mate that will always love her. But Chloe is not willing to give up her heart to Will so easily because of what happened last time. Will Chloe tell Will about that ruthful day or will she always tend to be that quiet girl? Will Will be able to capture Chloe's heart or will he be without a mate forever?
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I am assuming that Evan and Trish are suppose to be mates and I hope they do find those jackasses!!
Well this isn't turning out to good for her--she really got herself into a real mess now hasn't she.
Good so far--although it jumps into things pretty fast I think you have a great story going here.
I don't like Evan. He HAD to have sex with that chick is what he said. What a dummy
Trish is just one of those psychotic bitches that think they deserve everything cuz they put out. I feel bad for Chloe. Make it a detailed killing scene. :)
Great story. : ) I am also 16. And you probably don't care. But anyway.  . . . Upload soon!

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