Turn Up The Sun

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_BrambleBriar By _BrambleBriar Updated 2 years ago
[Completed] Crim Hennessey an aspiring artist has her life planned out to the finest detail, but there are two things she didn’t plan on happening. One, teaching twelve convicted teenage boys art and two, private tutoring one of the twelve, bad boy and gorgeous Bolt.  Spending time with the boys, the charming Preston and the irresistible Bolt has made her realise, to hell with the good girl. It’s time to wreak some havoc starting with releasing the bad girl inside her. Forget turning up the heat, it’s time to turn up the sun.
misbehave misbehave 7 months ago
"Prologue" in German is basically the same as in English. People rather say  "Prolog" or "Vorwort". I was a little confused by "Vorspiel" because it has a different meaning which is rather sexual. Haha. :p
NuTeLLinii NuTeLLinii 7 months ago
Mistakes are important. It shows us the right direction when we know we have made a mistake.
aVoidInthisWorld aVoidInthisWorld 7 months ago
I will admit this: The last line in the description finalized my decision to read this
Brilliant descriptions already I\'m loving this character.   You\'re a very good writer.
confusingnism confusingnism 2 years ago
What happened to your account? :( i can only read this via mobile.
gabycabezut gabycabezut 2 years ago
Hi!! I'm voting for every chapter, but I'm too lazy to comment on them....I just wanted to say that your story is awesome, it's fresh and it's different....I really like it :) 
I haven't finished, but I'm absolutely hooked on it :)