A Werewolf's Tale (ON HOLD!!)

You don’t hear about the handsome prince throwing the beautiful princess to the dragon in fairy tales but that what happens in real life, there no such thing as handsome princes, evil witches or beautiful princesses. There is only heart break in real life. If you do find some kind of love then remember it can only end in heart break, they will leave or death shall take them! There is no such thing as true love or love at first sight. I believed in the fairy tales in till my dad left. I thought there was a knight in shinning armour but then I realised no one would save me! PLEASE COMMENT ON WHAT YOU THOUGHT!!!! :))
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Just wanted to say it isn't me and my..... it's my... and I not to be mean or anything! And it's really really good!
This is actually a pretty awesome story idea ^_^ I love the whole idea of the 3 females being the strongest and having nothing to lose :) Nice one!! <3
frick, i lv this story.... u gotta keep writin, i'm in england 2 so i get the spellings of things.... can u read my story over the edge???? plzzzzzz

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