Nixon is the Heir to the throne of The Island of Wolves. Nixon believes he would be a better ruler than his father. He completely loathes the idea of Rogues, knowing they are a lost cause and bring shame to the Werewolf Kingdom. What happens when Nixon meets his mate, and when she turns out to be what he most hates?
    Miranda- Daughter of the Alpha in the human world. She knows nothing about a kingdom of Wolves or that her father hides secrets that could forever change her life. Meeting Zander Thomas and then discovering a world of hatred, love, passion, and finding her mate- is something that can either make her or break her.
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Dylan Thomas AND Zander Thomas!! *faints* U tryna kill me or what! Long lost bros?
If I were her rn I would give him my bxtch face and return to what I was doing 
In nine months. I almost thought he was going t ok suddenly say he would give birth.
Pretty sure he's due to die... Wonder how long that relationship will last...
What if she was walking toward him, trying to sway her hips and everything and all of a sudden she trips and falls flat on her face on the ground omg I could picture that lol