Cimmerian Shade

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IsisMcEllen By IsisMcEllen Updated 3 days ago
After tragedy strikes, Alla, a young slave woman, escapes from the only life she has ever known to embark on a new journey to an unknown world. Will she be able to not only pass for white, but also pass for an English governess to the Duke of Manchester?  -ROUGH and UNEDITED-
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g8reader g8reader 8 months ago
i finished this story...too excited to vote though..;P
will vote now every chapter....i love Breana & Alla wit.
thanks for writing
SeanKelsie SeanKelsie a year ago
Excellent work, love the story line so far. You had me hooked at the first sentence :D
Whoo! Okay,  and this is just the prologue? I am already hooked...
robinger robinger 2 years ago
Delightfully witty!  Kept my interest with your varied writiing style.  Fun plot.
salmerh1 salmerh1 2 years ago
A really beautiful story,love the chemistry btween alla and brandon,its really cool nd nycc,keep it up!
FunFiction FunFiction 2 years ago
I love your writing style. I especialy love this story. Keep up the good work.  :)