Barney vs The Listers

When rumors start flowing about a group of boys called the Listers had made their selection for who is next to be written in the Book Of Honors, everybody starts talking. Now being listed in Eastview High is no honor for the girls, but for the guys, the more girls they enter in the book the better. The Books of Honors is a book where guys can write anything about a girl good or bad that can destroy a female. After the incident in freshmen year when Violet ripped her dress at a school dance exposing her Barney underwear. She was known as Purple Dinosaur/Barney instead of her real name Violet Montgomery. So When Noah Myers starts chatting up Violet, their is a lot on controversy and haters who are willing to stop what’s happening. Even if they are just friends. But after finding out another girl has been listed, Violet thinks it’s over and has nothing to worry about and can finally just have one normal friend. But everyone knows its not high school if there's know drama. LET THE LISTERS GAME BEGIN!
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Oh my goodness, i love Dylan! He is so funny. I also like when she threatends to make his fingers disappear!
I Like it and I Love it! This is pretty hilarious! Awesome, Amazing! Voted and put it in my reading list.. :)
This book so far is really interesting and you seem you know your games :) the plotting is well and your flow goes smoothly :) voted love
You had couple of mistakes in this chapter, you also don't need to put words in caps to make a point,  and good details.
So far I love it! It's hilarious!! Cliffhangers, that's how you get more reads! Lol Oh, and if you want I could edit your chapters for you?(:
I think this is quite good so far :P A few like spelling/grammatical errors but they can be easily fixed :P I look forward to reading on :)

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