My Sex Slave

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KimberlyDiana MDR By KimberlyDiana MDR Updated 2 years ago
Is it wrong to use her for my pleasure? Is it wrong to make her my slave? In the first place, why would heavens make sex feel good if they don't want us to repeat it again and again? Yes, she's my sex slave.
Did he just....? Somebody hold my cake cause in gonna go all ninja on his @ss
Say what. What just happened. He better no has just kicked her out of his car or their is definitely going to be some real, hard kicking going on up in here
OMYGODS!!!!! How could some body do something like that? I just really hope that when it happens, she kicks the guy in the balls!'s getting me..excite to read it..haha how come she dont know..virginity was important to each girls..
I wanna laugh sooooo bad, but I feel so bad for her......then again what type of person forgets that they're A FRIGGING VIRGIN!!!
1. She forgot she was a freaking virgin?!? WTF! 2. shes a 36....thats quite wide for a female 3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!