Angel Academy: Rebirth ~Sequel~

Once again Emma Rose is swept back to Angel Academy, now entering her Sophomore year. Same old crazy teachers, same old Elemental Badasses. But also, same old danger. Jared Black has returned. And he will not stop until he has Emma under his control. Now more than ever it's time for Emma to find herself and protect everything she loves. Will she succeed? Or will she crash and burn?
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I was about to read this when I saw you only had two parts an the last time you updated was in 2011 a bit disappointed but w/e
are you serious? twilight? out of all the books you could've chosen and you chose twilight. wow.
How did anyone no she gave up wattpad? How long has it been since she last updated!? If only we could email her and ask her to do more!
@nevernicole she can leave it unfinished like that though! Surely she will finish it?! Is she writing it as a book or something???
If you don't update,I'll go FULL EMELMENTAL BADASS on you!
I fell in love with first sad when it ended.Happy like hell when I saw the sequel!UPDATE!!!
Hahahaha: "better put the child lock's on."
Gosh, this story is awesome! :') I'm soooo happy that you are writing a sequel! ;)

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