The Bullies: A Mindless Behavior Love Story

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MindlessCatBug By MindlessCatBug Updated 3 years ago
Marie Antoinette Pogue is the nerd of the school. Everyday 4 boys bully her. They beat her up, and called her names. But one day they go too far, and she gets hurt, badly. What will happen when the one who did it has to spend time with her and help take care of her. Will he realize what he's done, or will he just stay the same?
omg she need to defend herself I wish a nigga would touch me
I wish a bitvh ass nigga would touch me! and im bipolar so i get mad fast asf
No I just beat up this 10th graders ass and in only 13 haha I wish a nigga would tho
Baveeaaa...even doe Princeton is he slapped ne*kevin hart*Its about to go down...(Ike and Tina in da limo xD)*sips tea*Juss sayin
too cute love polyvore I create my own sets and covers for my stories using pv
Ok good but just don't block out the curse words because it's hard to understand.