The Bullies: A Mindless Behavior Love Story

Marie Antoinette Pogue is the nerd of the school. Everyday 4 boys bully her. They beat her up, and called her names. But one day they go too far, and she gets hurt, badly. What will happen when the one who did it has to spend time with her and help take care of her. Will he realize what he's done, or will he just stay the same?
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Ok good but just don't block out the curse words because it's hard to understand.
i am bipolar so wen u see me u need to get to stepin she needs to stand up for her self
Hey author are u tlking adlbout shaw highschool in cleveland my god sister go there
I all ready read this story and I did not have an account then so I did not get to comment but this story is awesome
Prod better not do anything, Ray, i'm watching you too.
Prince and Roc watch when i jump into this book and fly kick you.
thats dirty how they doin her if that was me they would've been some dead ass niggas forget being scared but its really a great story keep up the good work

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