Sealed and Silenced (Watty Awards 2012)

My name has been forgotten, tossed away like a piece of trash. I do not talk. I do not look anyone in the eyes. My hands shake from my past and I barley sleep at night. I always hear the grunts and the groans of the men that abuse me. I see the insanity in their eyes. They see the fear in mine. I had a chance to escape. I took it but it landed me back in the same position. It seems like I will never escape.
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I loved it!!! It's kinda scary though... Brings back memories and pain. But in this case I love the adrenaline.
The beginning was really catchy and also interesting! I also like the fact that you added a cliff hanger already on the first chapter!
Oh, darn. When she thought she was free, she got captured again. Darn. I like your descriptions which are very nice. :)
oooooh! I like the cliffhanger. I wonder what happens next? Very nicely written.
This is an extremely suspenseful chapter!! I love her train of thoughts as she was running away from the men who was chasing for her.
Your description was used nicely. It was subtle, but it was nice and simple to read.

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