Animal Lust

2018- The world has fallen into chaos. When everyone is fighting for survival there is no room for error or love. But when life depends on love, then how will they survive? Conor is renown as one of the best Order operative in all of Ireland. But when he is sent to New York to retrieve a package, he finds his package to be a beautiful, stunningly innocent and lonely, little vampire. Delilah was found underneath a house. Wet, shaking and fearful of her life, she was saved by Master. Now, 6 years after, she is serving in a whore house. But when a tall, shifter the gods sent right from the heavens, saves her she is forever indebted to him. When his superiors are asking for her head, will he turn his back on everything that he has ever known, or follow his heart and the animal lust thrumming through his body?
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Oh hey, now this is a new idea! Kudos to author for not having the werewolf side for only pure shifting.
good story. I hope shes happy with connor. Im team Connor!! Any body else with me?
I know the couple on the cover of this book and just shat myself wtf. anyway you definitly got my attention gonna read it for that reason alone haha
my names Delilah haha its always cool to see your name in a story ive only read two with mine
Wow! The cover is what brought me here, but it's awesome! I like how you put everything together! LOL
I am about to start this story, but I just had to tell you that cover is scorching hot!!! Look at the gluts on him!!! Lord have mercy!!!

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