Never Let Go-Sirius Black love story-

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Jinx Rodrigez By Jinx Rodrigez Updated 3 years ago
"When the time comes, I need for you to run, Rowan."Sirius said, his breath becoming coarser.I shook my head violently as I held onto him with dear life."No! I won't leave you, Sirius!" I began to cry; my body was shaking with so much love, so much worry, that I thought I was going to explode.But Sirius ran his hand down my back and up again, soothing me."I've got to go,"he whispered. I put my arms around his neck and whispered,"Promise me one thing?"He nodded."Anything,love. I'll do it as soon as I come back."
"Never let go,"
Rowan Peridot has almost always felt alone. Growing up in the muggle world with her witch mother always gravely ill, and her father dying at a young age, she never really liked going out or being her regular bubbly self. Until she met Lily Evans and Remus Lupin. Ever since she started to attend Hogwarts, she loathed Sirius Black for him being a ''spoiled man-scarlet and a pompous jerk!". But when they're paired up as potions partners starting their fifth year, and Sirius is driven to have her as his,and a certain werewolf likes her, what will happen with her feelings towards everything?{sucky summery, but I'm no good at them}
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