Changing Will [boyxboy]

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Ethan is sarcastic and sassy. Will is careless and troubled. When Ethan sees how bad Will is struggling, he decides to help the 20 year old. But in order to help Will, Ethan realizes he must face his own dark past. As feelings and secrets emerge between the two boys, Ethan begins to question if Will is really as straight as he claims to be.
*scans through files urgently* *looks up wide-eyed* Seems legit, dude.
I read "Unless you're a Sonnet" and was laughing 'cause I imagined him just reciting like "Death Not Be Proud" or some sh*t xD
@NouraAloud some one who can relate!!! i do dis all the time!!!
Oh burn...Blaze up Burn...extinguished burn...sizzle...phoushhhhhhh! Poof! You just got burnt the fucķ out!!
I haven't read this story on a month, missed you bæ. And I recommend to follow them on twitter and to read the prompts because Wethan is the best ship ever!! <3 thank you @SkeneKidz for writing this story
Reading it again. I think I'm actually going to read once a month.
This book meet gets old or boring. Even If I know what happens in every chapter I still can't stop reading it. Wethan really is my OTP