A Mindless Behavior Love Story

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Two best friends meet Mindless Behavior on their way to Florida. More friends are made throughout the story. All the boys find love or they think they do? There are breakups, makeups, drama, everything else in between and majority of it falling in love. Just a mindless love story♥

♥ YES, I USED to like MB.
thats good and bad cause some people will be like"the gift im giving u is a birthday and Christmas gift and it only be one thing
Where is Mrs Right? I gotta see her,travel all across the world just to meet her ayeee
I see that shxt everywhere and still don't know what the fxck it means
this is good but Princeton will always be bae no matter what.
I love all of them but I can't believe dat prodigy left but I like their new member and songs❤️
But I love mindless behavior they r cute and I love their new member and their songs❤️