Sad Poems And Quotes That Make You Cry

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Here's poetry about depression, suicide, hatred and emptiness. They show how people feel under a lot stress or other negative feelings in or about life. Some of these show true meaning about worthlessness, make you feel entirely done with life emotionally. (Rarely, physically.) *To people who feel this way could relate to what I'm talking about. In hopes that you can read these pieces and give me feedback about em', I love you forever and I really hope you like em. 

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This is like me and my dad. I don't want to live and he is dead. I cried in front of my cousin and told her I wanted to kill myself just so I could be with him
The subject is sad, but in all honesty, it didn't bring me emotionally to tears. For a prose poem, it's clear and obvious your use of poetical devices but it's rather predictable prosody-inspired.