Troubadour (Watty 2012 Finalist!)

"You never forget your first love…or his band." 22 year old Addie Clark has moved on...or has she? Bound by contracts, The Light is reuniting for their last concert ever, but they need a few more chart-toppers to do so. The gang is back together! Will Addie learn the true meaning of being a Troubadour? Nasty breakups, hookups, and pranks are in store for the Elevator Music sequel--Filled with forgiveness, secrets, and drama. PLEASE show support in the Watty's!! Troubadour is a finalist!!
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Stupid Addie, from what happened I think she slept with Joey while dating Adrien. Gosh that's sad.
I hate you I hate you I hate you! Come back Adrian!! **uses titanic whistle** come back. Please......
What is going on? O.O Did Addie and Adrian broke up because of Joey? What the FUDGE?
Can't believe she slept with him!
Though its been years, he should stop being an.....well jerk
Wait r u going to tell us why they broke up later on in the story? Or did I miss some parts?
@asheartseattle Haha yeah maybe Joey grew up and got married! haha(: How cuteee. How many likes do you still need, Jordan? @Jordy_Marie

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