What do you get when you have the mother of 5 hunky men all in a different sport decided, it's time she had grandchildren.???? You get my new MEN OF SPORTS SERIES
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Great premise Elena!!! Love it. This is my favorite book (and cover) of all your wonderful ones
I know I read this, voted, and commented, but wanted to pop over again to show my support! Best of luck to you.
I'm glad I'm not judging this. =) Good luck, lady! xo

You may want it to read "Twenty years later..."  =)
E, you need to put this on the first page or a link on your profile. Make it easier to find. :)
Where is book two?? I really want to read the series but could only find 1,3,4,+ 5!
hah... this is awesome... Mom playing the matchimaker to her player sons... players! not just sportsmen!

Only you could come of with this awesome plot!

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