An Interview

‘It was another one of the interview he had to do; but was it just another one, where he had to answer about his life or was the interview going to be the answer for his life?’ Jade was hurt by a man she loved; when she had to interview the same man for her job, would she take it as an opportunity to say good-bye? Jerrod had never regretted a decision in his life, except one- leaving Jade Thompson; when he met her again, would he use it to win her back?
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Continue the story! I read the synopsis of the story and I think it's juicy because that's a very tough position jade is in. I want to know what happened.
It's really good. This not one of those I'm-saying-it-cous-I-don't-want-to-hurt-you things. I'm serious =P
ive read a story with a similar theme as this one and the main female character was also jade thompson.
Whaaaat? That's so short... T.T

anyway, thanks for the update... :D have a nice day!
I thot Tom was playing about Jade having a son.. Oh is dat true then.. Wait wat? Jerrod's fulname s Jerrod Harington.. Rite?

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